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We are a two and a half man team and the creators of Bella D’Vine Wine Glass Holder and SunChaser Bevi Pro Outdoor Beverage Holder. It’s been a wild ride so please allow us to share with you a bit about who we are and how we took a bold attempt to save the world, one drink at a time.

Max Dewald CEO SunChaser Products

Chris Dewald President and Founder of SunChaser Products

Stacey Dewald VP & Co-Founder of SunChaser Products


Max Dewald – Chairman of the Board


Chris Dewald – President


Stacey Dewald – VP


Bio: Max has an overly aggressive leadership style and when he is not barking orders, he has initiated several new programs to help build the culture at SunChaser Products from outdoor breaks to mid day naps. We believe Max will take us to the next level.

Education: Kicked out of obedience school twice and was named ‘Bad Dog’ of 2009 and 2010 respectfully

Background: Max brings no real experience or skill set to the table

Fun Fact: Self proclaimed #1 Seahawks fan  


Bio: Chris is the creator and designer of Bella D’Vine and Bevi Pro and has many more innovative product ideas on his list. His humor is off the wall and inappropriate at times but we love him anyways. 

Background: Chris has 24 years in the adult beverage industry consisting of Anheuser-Busch wholesale distribution experience and with Mike’s Hard Lemonade Company in distributor management and key accounts. 

Fun Fact: Chris is a huge Motley Crue groupie and has seen them live in concert eight times. He also loves a great trip to Las Vegas.


Bio: Stacey keeps the business organized and running as smoothly as possible. 

Background: Stacey has 15 years experience as a senior executive assistant for top executive leaders at Fortune 500 companies including Expedia and Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Co. 

Fun Fact: When Stacey is not saving the world’s problem of spilled drinks, she is pursuing her passion as a certified life coach empowering moms, inspiring teens, and making a positive impact in the world.

Max Dewald Self Proclaimed #1 Seahawk Fan

Chris Casual Profile

Stacey Dewald Co-Founder SunChaser Products


Our Journey

We began our journey in 2011 and haven’t looked back. The first three years were long and tedious as we focused primarily on product development (in between planning our wedding and raising two busy teenage girls) and learning what it was going to take to manufacture a product. We were hell-bent on making our products in the U.S.A. and spent countless hours researching local manufacturers for injection molding (the base of the beverage holders), rubber resource companies (the rubber disc to keep the arm chair strap attachment from sliding), colorant (different colors of the holders), graphic designers (retail box), and packaging options. After several CAD drawings, 3D printed prototypes, patent applications, and sourcing businesses to make our product local we’re proud to say our products are made in the U.S.A. 

By the end of 2014, we put every penny we could scratch together into the product development and it was time to make our idea a reality. Our first product run was complete and Bella D’Vine was born! Needless to say, it was a very exciting day but this was also the day that the product development stage turned into a family run assembly line facility. Our home quickly turned into a warehouse and a shipping center that we wouldn’t wish upon anybody but we did what we had to do at the time. We turned on the open sign just in time for Christmas. 



As 2015 began, we found ourselves falling into an unexpected opportunity to fill a spot at the Seattle Boat Show due to a late cancellation. We scrambled and put together a last minute trade show booth and the nine days following were an absolute blur. We worked the entire show as a two man crew (Max was home sleeping) putting in 14 hour days then returning home late every night to assemble more product for the following day. Thanks to pure adrenaline and caffeine we made it through the show with results that were truly beyond our wildest expectations. We were presented with The Best New Exhibitor Award at the Seattle Boat Show’s vendor party and were featured in two yachting magazines that soon followed. 




After the Seattle Boat Show we stepped it up and purchased a new trade show booth and hired a local fulfillment center for future shows that included Taste Washington, Northwest Women’s Show, Kirkland Uncorked and several other local events. In addition, we were accepted into Haggen Foods and Made In Washington retail locations all while developing our second product. Within a few months we had an incredible opportunity to sign a deal with Amazon’s Exclusive Program. This program features early access to innovate products and exposure throughout the world. The program showcases new products that have been featured on Shark Tank as well as products pioneered by Mark Cuban & Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks to name a few. We’re happy to report that our products, Bella D’Vine and Bevi Pro, are now available on Amazon in the US, UK, Italy, Germany, France, and Spain.



We raise our glass to another new and exciting year ahead and are excited to see what 2017 will bring. 

Thank you for helping us ‘save the world, one drink at a time!’

Chris and Stacey Dewald 

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